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Number 2
Robots like me, mixed projects
by Christoffer Rudquist


I went to a fair here in Tokyo last year, robotics automation and food. 95% no photos allowed.

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︎ @crudquist

About Christoffer ︎
My name is Christoffer Rudquist I’m a photographer.

I come from a small town in the west of Sweden.

Through DNA test I’ve found out that I’m 66% Swedish 10% British, and the rest is a mix of Norwegian and broader European. This result became even more interesting since it matched with the findings of a 35 years genealogy project made by a distant relative, mapping our family all the way back to 920AD, starting with a man called Folke the Fat. The same DNA test also concluded my metabolism was 10% slower than average.

After here and there, my wife and I made London our hometown for many years, we now live in Tokyo with a Mini Schnauzer named Olly, bunch of basil, a lemon tree, and an English Rose. I do miss a good pub lunch, and the quintessential British banter.

Over the years I’ve worked with and met some amazing people that has given me the opportunity to create images I couldn’t imagine possible when I started out, when that happens one does feel a bit like Indiana Jones.

Aston Martin, Architectural Digest, BA, Boat International, Esquire, Ferrari, Jaguar/ Landrover, Mondial, Monocle, GQ, Patek Philippe, Wallpaper, WIRED

Format: 20pp Booklet
Size: A5
Cover: GF Smith Colorplan Dark Grey 135gsm,  Mohawk 148gsm
Typefaces: Neue Haas Grotesk — Commercial type