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Number 9 
by Thom Atkinson


I’ve been working on a much bigger project for a few years and this was a sort of spin off from it. It’s also connected to a photobook I published about the Blitz in London and was kind of another way of coming at that same idea. The thread that joins these projects together is to do with British history and the way in which it is mythologised and remembered. In my head, the Airfix Ruins are like little found sculptures, made in memory of a war long ago, before the modellers were probably even born. They’re like devotions and dreams. And I think a lot of memory and mythology is to do with those things.

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About Thom Atkinson ︎

Thom is based in London and Kent. Rooted in a documentary tradition, his work centres around people, objects and places. It is characterised by a gentle and observational approach, a natural and honest quality, and a care for the craft of picture making.

In 2015 Thom published his first photobook, Missing Buildings through his own publishing imprint, Hwæt Books. The collaboration with his sister, Beth Atkinson, brings together an extensive body of work documenting the physical and imaginative landscapes of the London Blitz. Thom's interest in Britain, conflict and mythology is ongoing.

Commercial clients include Barclays, Volkswagen, Tesco, Esso, Sainsbury’s, Hilti, Humira, Missing People, Metropolitan Police and Cancer Research. Editorial commissions have come from FT Weekend, Hole & Corner, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Telegraph Magazine and Rake's Progress. Thom is represented by Gill Turner.

Format: 20pp Booklet
Size: A5
Cover: 4pp Crush, Almond 260gsm — Fenner paper
Text: 16pp Papers
Typefaces: Grosa — Feliciano Type